I really enjoy designing web pages. There is something fun about expressing yourself in glowing phosphorus (or LEDs as the case may be).
     The thumbnails, to the left, are web sites that I have designed. Some, like KSB Consultants, are for companies that no longer exist, but I have put them up to show what I have done.
     I put up my first site (www.FPpda.com) in 2001, using ez-pad and a copy of HTML for Dummies. Since then I have used many different editors and currently I use Dreamweaver as part of the Adobe Web Collection.
     If you are new to web design I would suggest going to w3 schools to learn the basics of web design. I started as a programmer (on a TRS-80 II) and as such I feel that looking at the tags is essential. I frequently get irritated with the decisions wysiwyg editors make, and want to make my own. Many designers, who start as graphic artists, would disagree with me.
     My favorite projects are for christian ministries, and I hope to expand and update this page with more information and resources for church and para church web sites.